Aircraft Appraisal


Aviation appraisals determine the value of an aircraft and help you make the best decisions concerning your asset. Appraisals upon the sale or the purchase of an aircraft can help you verify that you aren’t leaving money on the table or paying too much for an asset.

We provide accurate and detailed appraisals for aircraft partnerships, aviation insurance, banks and loan financing or refinancing for aircraft renovation or modification. We have the ability to appraise all types of aircraft from antique aircraft, small single engine piston aircraft, twins and turboprops, to large corporate jets.

Our aviation appraisals are completed by Tammy T. Bell who is a member of the National Aircraft Appraisers Association (NAAA) and has over 30 years of experience in the General Aviation Market. Tammy has an extensive knowledge of the aircraft market, has analyzed hundreds of aircraft log book records, and has done numerous appraisals on a broad range of aircraft. 

Our Aviation Appraisal Reports include specifications, photos, and valuation reports from two industry leading Aircraft Value reporting agencies. We have the ability to travel to the aircraft’s location for the expanded services of aircraft documentation, log book verification and backup services if necessary. 

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