Fall Aviation News 2019

An Amazing thing Happened! Our Summer trip to Montana by John B. Bell on September 30 An amazing thing happened on our Summer trip to Montana…… While eating dinner with several friends at the Continental Divide Restaurant in Ennis, MT, I was asked to tell my story of landing the King Air on the road. […]

Turbine Multi-Engine Glider Rating

In Spring of 1983 I was working as a sales manager for Memphis Jet center. We obtained a King Air 90 with no reversers previously owned by Bob and Spence Wilson which they traded on a King Air 200. On Tuesday, June 23, I had a sales demo with George Nickey, a Memphis real estate […]

Can you fly after your FAA Registration expires?

The quick answer is NO!      Once your FAA Aircraft Registration has expired, the aircraft is not authorized for flight. You must now start a re-registration process which can take a minimum of 6 weeks to several months. There is no way to expedite this process. You cannot fly on a pink slip until the process […]

How to Buy and Sell Used Aircraft

BUYING   Analyze Your Needs One of the most common mistakes in purchasing an aircraft is to buy impulsively without fully considering the effects of your decision. Take the time to analyze your requirements carefully and be realistic. Consider the typical flight loading, trip distance and conditions of flight, then compare aircraft. To avoid the […]