1946 Piper J3C Cub

Date of Manufacture: October 21, 1946

Date of Complete Restoration to original by Classic Craft, LLC: July 28, 2021

Equipped with the same instruments that came with the original stock J3 Cub

Restored to the original specs and colors from the original date of manufacture.

Serial Number:


Original Registration:


Current Registration:


Empty Weight:


Gross Weight:


Airframe Total Time:

11,950 Hours

Aircraft Time Since Total Restoration:

50 Hours

Power Plant:

One Continental A-65 engine

Engine Times:

150 Hours Since Major Overhaul

2650 Hours Total Time

Date of Annual Inspection:

July 28, 2021

Click here to view Engine log book entries

Click here to view Airframe Log Entries

History of the Piper J3 Cub: In 1937, the newly renamed Piper Aircraft Corporation introduced the improved J-3 Cub Sport model. The J-3 introduced many detail refinements over the J-2, and with its factory yellow finish and fuselage lightning streak, it became the iconic Cub model. It was popular in the pre-war years, but World War II thrust the little plane into a new role. The Army purchased 5,677 J-3 Cubs, called L-4s, for observation and liaison. Cubs, along with similar aircraft produced by Aeronca and Taylorcraft, enabled commanders to move quickly among their troops, spot from the air, and help direct artillery fire. After the war, many Cubs returned to civilian life, where they helped to popularize aviation in the post-war period. Although production of the over 14,000 civil J-3 Cubs ended in 1947, its descendants, most notably the Piper PA-18 Super Cub, were manufactured into the 1990s.


Asking Price: $54,900

Specifications subject to verification upon inspection.

Contact: Tammy Bell at (901) 834-1600

Email: tammy@johnbellaircraft.com

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