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We have over 50 years of experience selling and maintaining new and pre-owned aircraft ! We put an emphasis on creating a long term relationship with our customers in order to handle all of their aircraft needs.

Caterpillar D6C 47J-4474 Bulldozer For Sale

Arrange # 3PI Engine 3306 47V7370 2P6795 Tradewater Machinery rebuilt transmission just installed. Recent rollers pins bushings rails. Rebuilt LH final drive. New LH idler wheel. New idler shocks LH and RH. New LH track adjuster spring. Recent cutting edges. Rebuilt Starter. New Radiator. All Hydraulics cylinders overhauled. Rebuilt Hydraulics blade pump. All new filters. […]

How to Buy and Sell Used Aircraft

BUYING   Analyze Your Needs One of the most common mistakes in purchasing an aircraft is to buy impulsively without fully considering the effects of your decision. Take the time to analyze your requirements carefully and be realistic. Consider the typical flight loading, trip distance and conditions of flight, then compare aircraft. To avoid the […]

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