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Aircraft Acquistions

Aircraft Acquisitions

Since 1985, our specialty has been finding the right aircraft to suit your needs and budget. We can quickly locate the best value on the market. Let us help you find your perfect airplane!

Aircraft Brokerage

JBA has over 40 years of experience in private aircraft sales and acquisitions.

Our aircraft listings are professionally represented with all of the information you need to make an informed buying decision.

Aircraft brokerage

Aircraft Appraisals

We provide professional Aircraft Appraisal reports for banks, co-ownerships, insurance companies, and aircraft buyers. An aircraft appraisal enables you to make the best decisions concerning your aviation needs.

“The pre-owned aircraft market has evolved in the last 40 years. Buyers are more savvy and particular. The aircraft, however, are still the same. The factors that represent value and strong resale are still the same. Knowing what those factors are is the key.”

John and Tammy Bell, Owners