Quality Aircraft Sales, Brokerage and Acquisition

John Bell has over 50 years of experience in General Aviation. He has been providing clients with quality aircraft sales, brokerage and acquisition services since 1977.

quality aircraft sales, brokerage and acquisition services


John began his career in aviation at Memphis Flying Service as an aircraft mechanic. He learned to fly there in an Aeronca 7AC. John also worked at the Mud Island Airport as a mechanic, lineman and ferry boat driver.

Moving on to Memphis Aero he continued to work as an aircraft mechanic and worked his way up to certified flight instructor. 


With the GI Bill, he worked at Hi Air, Inc., an FBO and subsidiary of Holiday Inns. As a corporate pilot, he flew Kemmons Wilson around his hotel empire. Hi Air began a small flight school at first operating just two airplanes with one instructor. The school grew to 47 airplanes and 16 pilot/instructors who flew an average of 2000 hours per month. Hi Air, Inc. also became the world largest Cessna Dealer in the 1970’s.


Consequently, Hi Air, Inc. sold out to Memphis Jet Center and John bought the Southern Institute of Aviation. SIA was a flight school where they trained many pilots with the use of a video system that John created. He sold SIA to Memphis Jet Center and created John Bell Aircraft, Inc. in 1977 for the exclusive purpose of providing quality aircraft sales and acquisition services.


John earned every flight certificate he could including Airline Transport Pilot. With these certificates and over 14,000 hours flight time he was selected as an FAA designated check airman and pilot examiner. With those designations he ran the Aircraft Charter department at Memphis Jet Center. MJC was also Beechcraft Dealership specializing in new Bonanzas and Barons which John sold for 10 years. They earned many awards as a leader in Beechcraft sales.


Most noteworthy is John’s 50+ years experience in General Aviation. He has provided clients with expert advice on choosing the proper aircraft to fit their needs. His vast knowledge of market indicators and aircraft appraisal points can help them make the right choice in purchasing a quality aircraft. Most importantly, John’s experience, integrity, and discipline in aircraft sales can make a complicated acquisition or sale seem effortless. Give him a call today!

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