Aircraft Appraisals

4 Important reasons to obtain Aircraft Appraisals

  1. An aircraft appraiser has extensive knowledge of factors that affect a used aircraft’s value.
  2. An aircraft appraiser can expertly assess the condition and equipment of a used aircraft.
  3. The aircraft appraiser compares book value to comparable aircraft on the market. 
  4. An aircraft appraisal enables you to make the best decisions concerning your aviation needs.

An aircraft appraisal provides you with comprehensive information on the resale value of a used aircraft.

On-site Aircraft Inspection and Appraisal

JBA will make an on-site assessment of the aircraft, therefore, most accurately describing the condition of the aircraft. The condition of the paint and interior is the most important factor affecting the aircraft’s value. JBA will take photographs to record the aircraft’s condition and equipment.

An examination of the log books is the second most important factor in determining an aircraft’s value. JBA will determine that the log books are complete and consecutive. Log books are examined for evidence of any damage history and maintenance items that may be due. The log books are completely photographed for further review. The appraiser must fully understand the maintenance status of the aircraft. 

Above all, a detailed specification sheet is prepared which includes aircraft times and equipment. 

Computer Aircraft Appraisal

The owner or lender may provide specifications, photographs and maintenance status reports. JBA will determine the avionics and equipment that will add significant value.

An aircraft valuation report is made from the Aircraft Bluebook and/or VRef. The report is based on the aircraft’s times, equipment and condition. 

After that, a comprehensive market evaluation is performed. This includes aircraft available for sale and ‘SOLD’ aircraft market reports from  Lastly, comparable aircraft for sale on the marketplace will ultimately determine the aircraft’s actual market value. The result is an accurate evaluation and effective market pricing.

Aircraft Appraisal Report

Aircraft Appraisal reports include the following: 

  • Photos of Aircraft
  • Detailed specifications
  • Professional Aircraft Valuation
  • Market Analysis
  • Comparable aircraft for sale
  • PDF format

In conclusion, we have a 40+ year history of providing accurate and detailed aircraft appraisal reports for banks, co-ownerships, insurance companies (diminution of value assessments), and aircraft buyers.

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