Aircraft Acquisitions

Aircraft Locator Service
John Sr. inspecting Morgan Freeman’s Piper Seneca

Many buyers make the same initial mistakes in the purchase of an aircraft. They allow emotion and impulsivity to influence their purchase decisions. Careful pre-purchase inspections combined with market analysis can make your aircraft purchasing decisions easier and many times more affordable. Let JBA show you how!

Aircraft Acquisition Service

With our ‘Aircraft Acquisition Service’ you will have over 50 years of experience helping you locate quality aircraft. By allowing JBA to work as your buyer’s agent you can avoid many of the pitfalls of buying a used aircraft which can cost you thousands of dollars.

We will work in unison with you and will become your personal aircraft consultant to carefully locate an aircraft that is equipped for your needs and is properly maintained and documented.  We will supervise on your behalf a pre-purchase inspection, prepare all the necessary title documents or title escrow services, and help you obtain the proper insurance.  

Call us today at (662) 526-1700 and begin the search for the aircraft of your dreams….not your nightmares!

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