Fall Aviation News 2019

An Amazing thing Happened!

Our Summer trip to Montana

by John B. Bell on September 30

An amazing thing happened on our Summer trip to Montana……

While eating dinner with several friends at the Continental Divide Restaurant in Ennis, MT, I was asked to tell my story of landing the King Air on the road. (Click this link for full story!) After I finished telling my story a man at a table nearby asked if I had landed that aircraft on Highway 96 near Franklin, TN. I said YES that was me. The man said, “I was there too, and I am a pilot! When I saw you fly over me at 150 ft. with both engines feathered, I knew something was wrong. I turned my truck around and then saw you land smoking those tires!”

Wow, what a small world we live in! Such an impossible coincidence 36 years later in a small corner of the world, simply AMAZING! 



1987 Beechcraft King Air C90A

King Air C90A 

by Tammy Bell on September 30

This is a nicely equipped King Air C90A with 7015 hours total time. 3466 SOH’s and 565 SPOH. It is ADSB and WAAS equipped and certified to fly into 2020!

Avionics: Avidyne EX-500 MFD with XM Weather and Radar and IFD540 Touchscreen WAAS GPS and ADS-B out. King KFC-250 Autopilot and Flight Director with dual HSI. 

Options include Raisebeck Wing Locker System, Dual aft body Strakes, Speed stacks and Gross Weight of 10,100 lbs.

Fresh Phase 1 and 2 inspections, Complete logs and no damage history. The owner is motivated to sell, so call us and make an offer!

Motivated! 1978 Lear 35A

Learjet 35A

by Tammy Bell on September 30

Buy a jet with an 1800 NM range for less than $450,000! Equipped with Honeywell Digital Electronic Engine Controls, a drag chute, and no damage history and is scheduled for ADSB install in January 2020!

10,300 hours total time and 870/3300 since CZI and 870/850 since MPI/Plenum. The avionics include dual Garmin GNS430’s, PMA8000B audio, King KMD550/850 MFD, TCAS, EGPWS, and Radar.

Optional equipment are Thrust Reversers, Engine sync, AC, Drag Chute, RVSM, and a Century III Wing with Soft Flite. This owner is also motivated to sell, so call us and make an offer. Will trade for a Learjet 45!

Price Reduced! 1974 Cessna 340 – SOLD!

Cessna 340

by Tammy Bell on September 30

This super well equipped C340 has been sold to a happy new owner!

4535 hours on the airframe and only 595 on both engines since overhaul by America’s Aircraft Engines.

The equipment includes a full-featured Glass Cockpit with a ‘Connected Panel’ providing wireless Bluetooth connectivity. Unbelievable avionics with Aspen Evolution 2000 PFD and 1000 MFD, MVP-50P glass panel engine monitoring system, GNS530W WAAS GPS, and much more!

Fly in year round comfort with Air Conditioning, pressurization, and De-ice. 

Owner Motivated!! 1976 Beechcraft B55 Baron

B-55 Baron

by Tammy Bell on September 30

The price on this Baron has been reduced, and the owner is ready to move on to his next aircraft. 010 hours total time and 340/1325 hours on the engines. 

Excellent avionics included with this Baron are WAAS Garmin GTN650 GPS/Nav/Comm/MFD, GMA350c bluetooth Audio panel, GTX345 Transponder with ADS-B Out, and a King KFC-200 Autopilot and Flight Director with an HSI.

The dual yoke, large baggage door, and de-icing equipment make it a perfect aircraft for year round flight. With a little paint and TLC it will make great business or pleasure aircraft. Call us and make an offer!

Price Reduced!! 1970 Beechcraft E55 Baron

E-55 Baron

by Tammy Bell on September 30

The price on this Baron has been reduced to $129,900. This Baron is flown regularly and has an average of 195 hours per year. It has 440/725 since engine overhauls and has excellent IFR avionics. 

Avionics include WAAS, two 5” GPS Moving map displays and ADS-B including Weather, Traffic and Electronic Charts! It’s a superb all weather IFR plane with de-ice too.

1963 Beechcraft P35 Bonanza

P-35 Bonanza

by Tammy Bell on September 30

This P-35 Bonanza is hangared in Savannah, TN, with 5685 hours total time and 1065 since Factory Reman 300 hp engine. It is IFR equipped with King with a GPS, digital Nav/Com, transponder and stormscope. The autopilot has been replaced with an STEC 60-2 with alt. Hold and pre-select, HSI and much more. 

Price Reduced!! 1943 Taylorcraft Clipped Wing

Taylorcraft Clipped Wing

by Tammy Bell on September 30

This beautiful aerobatic aircraft was once owned and flown in Airshows by the famous Sandi Pierce who was a wing walker! It has a 100 hp Continental engine overhauled 205 hours ago and a McCauley Climb prop. Own a piece of history for only $29,900


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